Difference between ios 6 and ios 7 features?

1) New Interface: the new interface looks flat look.

2) A new lock screen: move your phone and your wallpaper appears to move. Where as iOS 6 has two  swipeable bits for unlocking the device or launching the camera app but in ios 7 two more swipeable one from top to bottom to see the notification and another form down to top to see the Control Center.

3)Control Center:

instead of wading through endless Settings screens to turn on features such as Airplane Mode, Control Center provides quick access to key features: Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Rotation Lock. It also provides media playback controls, Airdrop file sharing, and quick access to the phone’s LED light and the Clock, Calculator and Camera apps.


4) notifications: there are now three sections (swipeable left to right) headed Today, All and Missed. Today tells you what’s on your schedule and includes cute details such as “it would take you about 5 minutes to drive office right now” 

5) Camera: offers four kinds of shooting: video, photo, square (for Instagram-style shots) and Pano (for panoramas).

6) Photos: it can automatically organise your photos into what Apple calls Collections. The feature uses your device’s GPS to sort photos not just by date, but by location

7) Spotlight search:Spotlight has been moved: to activate it, just pull down in the Home screen.

8) FaceTime: Now audio-only FaceTime.

9) Smart Mailboxes and easier mail management

10) Multitasking

11) iTunes Radio

12) Airdrop: One to many or many to one for file sharing in small range .

13) More App Store Options 

14) Action Lock

15) iOS in the Car


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