What is private key?

A private key a  key that is associated to every certificate on the apple developer account.And to use the provisioning profile for testing or creating ipa files we need both the certificate and the associated key.Below is the complete process of extracting the private key.

For this you need :

1 : The mac system you used for requesting the certificate.If you can not access the mac system then there is no way to get the private key.

The only option left is to revoke the certificate and request a fresh one.This will affect the applications in development phase and using the certificate.

2 : Apple developer account credentials.

Process of extracting Key :

1 : login in to your account and navigate to

iOS Developer Program >Certificates,identifiers and profiles.

2 : Select the “Distribution” in certificates tab.


3 : Select the provision profile you want the key  of.


4 : Download the certificate to local system and double click on the file you just downloaded.


5 : open “Keychain access ” application in your mac system.You can use “Spotlight” to search the application.


6 : Select the certificate you want the key of and click on the drop down button on its left.



7 : You can see a key icon with a name.

8 : Right click on the key.You will get a list of operations you can perform on this key.


8 :  Select “Export ” option from the menu.


9 : it will ask you for the location to export the key.Give it a destinations.


As  you can see that it will provide a .p12 file.This is your private key for certificate.

Screen cast video link for more help:



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